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Rector - Barbara Marques

 Rev. Barbara Marques

       I have lived in Virginia for 28 years. I was raised in Durham, North Carolina. I have two children. My son Titus is an artist and lives in Richmond. My daughter is a high school Earth Science Teacher in Chesterfield County. She and her husband Jon live in Mosely. His family owns the Swift Creek Blueberry Farm. I have one granddaughter, Sage Elizabeth. She is a source of great joy for me.

        My other two family members have four legs. They are Australian Shepherds, Hushpuppy and Rocky. Both are rescue dogs so they have their quirks! I consider myself a friend to all creatures and dislike any form of cruelty to any of God’s creatures, especially children. I have a passion for the arts and love almost every type of music.

        My relationship with God might be described as fluid; like a river always changing, sometimes still and sometimes turbulent but always lovely in some way. I take liturgy seriously but am not always serious. It is OK to have fun in church and I hope to make you laugh sometimes and  I think the voices of children are the best hymns of praise.

        So, that is a little bit about me. You can contact me at rector@stjohnswp.org or 804-843-4595.


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